jobs! oh my!

today i had a technical interview for avanade.  wow, there were some tough questions.  explaining my library project was good practice though.  the whole experience, i must say, was good practice.  i think i did okay, but the interviewer said i did well.  im somewhat anxious to see what the next phase is.

also, snl financial sent me an application for employment and set me up for a fae to face interview.  but whats this?  its three hours long!  whoa, im kinda nervous as to what i could be doing for three hours!  but anyways, i think i would really enjoy working at snl.  kay, the lady helping me with getting the position (and no, i didnt forget about you benu!), told me that it is a very casual environment with many “young go-getters.”  sounds like a great place to me!  also, amanda said that apartments can be had for fairly cheap in charlottesville.  so i guess i’ll look more into it once i get home.

 anyways, time to do some reading.  we got wcf working on our demo project.  i just gotta read up more about it.


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