interviews and such.

so, ive been at interviews this whole week.  i really liked snl financial.  i hope that works out.  charlottesville seems like a great place to live and the building was absolutely amazing.  snl seems like it would be an incredible work environment and everyone there seemed very friendly.  also, through my interview, the knowledge of everyone definitely showed. 

avanade was also great.  the interview was kinda tough though.  however, it seemed like it would be great experience.  consulting would be a great learning experience.  i have no doubts that i would learn a huge deal from working at avanade as a consultant.  the nova area, while expensive, is so different from richmond.  so much newer; i think i would like it.

i also have the staffing companies out there sending my resume out and im also going to apply to a couple positions in the norfolk/va beach area.  so, only time will tell and ill see how it goes.


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