job search update…

yesterday i had to take the brainbench for tek systems.  this is all for a position in wv.  apparently i did fairly well!  the questions weren’t bad, eventhough the asp test had all the code behind in vb.  good thing, i know at least the basics of vb.

well today, i had a phone interview this morning, it was with the guys at mantech in west va.  they have a navy contract down there and are looking for jr web developers.  they seemed like great guys and i think the work would be great as well.  it seems as though id actually be developing things instead of crunching data.  well, after hearing about mantech, the contract and the position they ran me through some questions.  i scored pretty high and they ended up offering me the position right then. 

 now i am just thinking about it.  i think it will be a great learning experience.  the clearance is definitely a large selling point.  i definitely need this first job on my resume.  i also think living in wv will be a great change of pace, having just come from nj.


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