another chapter in the book called life

im moving to wv soon.  i need to get a lot of stuff done before making the trip.  tomorrow at 8 am i am getting my car aligned, then heading to leete tire to get some new rear tires (or ordering them).  then i have to set up a bank account with bb&t since wachovia is not anywhere in west virginia.  i also have a ton of paperwork to fill out that day for tek systems and for my apartment.  its overwhelming but also pretty exciting.  i love life and i love moving on to see what is in store for me.

it is also, of course, sad.  im leaving behind good ‘ole va.  my family, my friends, where i grew up, what i have come to know as home.  i mean, i know i just got done doing this sort of thing since i was in new jersey at setfocus.  but in a way, it is far from the same.  going to jersey, i knew i would be done in 3 months.  but here, i know i am there for a minimum of 6 months.  then, depending if they want to hire me full-time and if i enjoy it there, i will be sticking around for a while, ya know?  so…there is no real countdown, as faith put it.  i just know, i will miss everyone terribly.

i love you, faith. 


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