hal muh knee

i bought my grandmother a dvd and really want to give it to her.  it is a movie that i first saw when it was in blockbuster a couple years ago.  it is in korean and had english subtitles.  it is called “the way home” and it is a great movie.  much like the young boy in the movie, i did not always appreciate my grandmother and often times did not understand her.  however, no matter how rude or mean i was to her, she always loved me and would do anything for me.  but, growing up i began to see that she cared for me more than anyone else.  she was always there and did do anything in her power to make me happy.  my parents both worked a lot when i was little and she has essentially raised me.  though my grandmother and i cannot speak very well to each other, i feel we communicate and understand each other better than most friends do. 

 Sarang hab nida, hal muh knee (i love you, grandma).


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