life in west va

so, first off, it totally isn’t what everyone said it would be like.  there is everything here that there was back home.  well, almost everything.  the new apartment is cool, i like it.  there isnt much to it, but to be honest, i dont really need much right now.  the job is great.  the people i work with are hilarious.  i love the work environment.  there isnt too much for me to do right now, which kinda sucks.  i was doing some test tables and testing before and im still doing testing.  i fixed a couple small ajax things, but thats about it.  but hey, in time it will come i guess.  either way, i feel lucky to have come into such a great position. 

its supposed to snow on wednesday, which should be…interesting.  i guess ill see how that goes.  im thinking of selling my z and buying a nice 4×4 truck to daily drive until i either build another play car or save up and buy something nice one day.  i guess only time shall tell.


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