with cold weather comes…

…another vehicle?  well, in this case it does.  knowing that the z would not make for fun times in the winter and for daily driving around the mountains in general, i decided to look for a 4×4.  i looked around for a while, contemplating if i want a car (awd, ie subaru), a pickup (tacoma) or a suv (jeep, 4 runner, etc).  well, i looked around last weekend when i was home and saw things that were okay at best, but the price wasnt great.  since they didnt impress me much, it was hard to pull the trigger on buying it.  but this past week i saw a 4 runner listed on craigslist for 6500.  i was like, no way…too good to be true.  i called the dealership and it seemed fine.  i decided to come home this weekend and surprise faith and check it out.  so, on the way back home, i stopped by and looked at it.  it was a little dirty on the inside but seemed like a good buy.  so on saturday, my emf friend dennis came with me to the dealership (along with my dad and lil bro, jeffrey) to check it out.  dennis did a much more in depth mechanical run down on the truck and said that it needed some things fixed, but it shouldnt keep me from getting it.  so, here i am now with a 99 4 runner.  we ended up getting if for 6k.


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