first day off…

so this was my first day off from work where i was still in wv.  i woke up early for an oil change, priced some tires, look at some furniture, got some small things for the truck from autozone, rinsed off the truck, did a little shopping at walmart and then came back to the apartment.  i then cleaned up a little, putting away the laundry that has been sitting on my floor forever.  i also set up my wireless router finally and set up my desk area.  my apartment is slowly coming together.  oh, i also told the lady in the office about my outdoor storage door that is on my balcony.  well, the stupid thing doesnt stay shut.  so, whenever it is windy, which is always around here, the thing slams open and shut.  it doesnt bother me much, but im surprised that no one has said anything about it yet, since it does it all through the night.  oh!  i also stopped by this little pet store and looked at fish.  i think i want a fish tank, the strted tank they had was 49.99 with the tank, heater, little stones, hood, filter, etc.  only thing it didnt have is fish.  im not sure what kind of fish i want.  well, we will see if i end up getting one or not.  i need to stop spending money!  *sigh* but it feels good to be out on my own.  its an interesting and exciting experience.

 oh yea, i saw snow yesterday and today!  i havent seen snow, for more than 5 minutes, in a long time.  🙂


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