I hope everyone had a great Christmas because I definitely did!  It was great not knowing what was going to be inside the boxes, bags and wrapping paper.  It was like being a little kid all over again!  Thanks for the text messages, cards and gifts everyone! 

Faith got me an awesome DC zip up hoodie that has sweet thumbholes!  Her mom also got me some mocassin slippers for around the house.  My family got me awesome cookware.  No longer will I be using my one small saucepan and iron skillet for everything.  Now I can finally make pasta and cook chilli without it scorching on the bottom of a crappy stock pot. 

After being home for the weekend up until now, I must leave tomorrow.  It was good seeing those of you that I could see.  I shall be back soon as there is some business that I must take care of soon.  I wish everyone the best!  Take care and be safe for the holidays.  😀


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