this past sunday…

so, this past sunday i went out to the paintball field.  it was perfect weather and team aggression, from the western wv area, invited me to practice with them.  i had sold both of my guns and basically just had a loader, jersey, pants and pads.  so, bill meador loaned me some stuff.  he also told me he had a vice for sale.  so he loaned me the vice and a tank for the day.  i ended up rotating in with them throughout the day as well as some jumping in with some of the other “teams” playing that day.  i don’t know if the others were real teams…?

i think i played fairly well.  i haven’t played in a very long time, almost a year.  i also haven’t played in semi in a very long time either.  didn’t do anything spectacular, but i think i played pretty solid.  the other guys on aggression did well also.  however, one thing a lot of the teams out there lacked was communication.  that is just something i noticed when i was out there playing and watching.  players were moving and no one was making the call, or updating the g count.  but oh well.  i still had lots of fun.

the vice i used, i ended up buying from bill.  no lie, this thing is amazing.   i would definitely suggest it to anyone.

i will be back out at the field this weekend with virginia tech’s team.  i asked ben smith, the captain if it was alright if i rotated in with them for the day.  apparently they are practicing for an event and will be setting up the field for it.  there is a call for kinda crappy weather today.  it has been raining for almost two days now, so i am sure the field will be nice and muddy tomorrow.  it is supposed to be 40 degrees, which sucks.  we will see how the vice handles the paint in the cold i suppose.


One thought on “this past sunday…

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