hokie paintball

so i went out to the field again this sunday.  ben smith from the hokies told me that he was coming up with some of the va tech guys.  they were going to set up the field in preparation for their ncpa event.  it had snowed the day before and i was kinda worried about how it would be.  but, by the time the field was done being set up, the snow had melted.  however, it was still quite cold, even at 2:30pm.  i shot triumph through the new vice and broke paint in my barrel the first three games.  it was just way too cold.  i wasn’t having nearly as bad of issues as the other guys.  however, by the fourth or fifth game, it was all gravy and it shot beautifully.  i played average i suppose; not great but not poorly either.  i had to, in haste, stiffen the trigger by stretching the trigger spring out.  now i have a terribly stiff trigger pull.  couple that with not having played in semi (x ball) for the past two-three seasons and you can imagine what i was dealing with.  but oh well, practice makes perfect.  i have a magnetic return kit sitting on my bed for me back in va, along with a nxe pack.   i still really need a gear bag though.  oh well…time for sleep!


One thought on “hokie paintball

  1. You play paintball like a girl. You smell like poop and your program like a freshmen. How are you ever going to make it any where in this world. Go Tinkerbell

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