So, i came back to va for some reasons this past weekend.  my friends from are playing as Richmond Riot at the Huntington Beach NPPL event this upcoming week.  I jumped in with them this past weekend and did some drills.  I had fun; I shot the new MacDev droid and got to seem my friends that I haven’t seen in quite some time as well as meet some new people. 

Clothes are fitting much much better and the pounds are dropping a bit.  Not much, but some.  I’m guessing I’m burning off the fat and building muscle because I am definitely getting stronger.  I will be starting to lift everyday again this upcoming week.  Every musce group two times a week.  I’ll probably do this for 6 to 7 weeks and then take another week off.  Once I come back from that week off, I’ll do some circuit training and really start doing more cardio. 

Also, for those who don’t know, I cut my hair.  I shall be posting two videos and the pictures on here shortly.  I am also looking to make a little ASP.NET thumbnail and gallery application soon.  We shall see how that goes, apparently the deadline for this Active Directory application got pushed forward.  So, that will cut into my learning/practicing time at work.

 Happy Easter everyone!


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