another chapter in life…

So, yesterday was my last day at ManTech.  I actually had work to do.  I finished the documents I had to do and Josh walked me through making an installer project, which was much simpler than I thought would be.  Then, all the guys (and gal) from the group went out to eat at the wonderful China Garden buffet.  When we returned, I deleted all my stuff off the PC, cleaned out my desk, and then got checked out.

Looking back, I might not have learned a lot about developing from the position.  I learned a lot from Chad, Mark and Josh though.  The things I learned from working in our group were not only things about developing but about other areas such as politics, philosophy, etc.

I realized that there are horrible inefficiencies that must be solved before things can work smoothly.  I only hope that things get done to solve such problems, before it just gets even more out of hand.  I will miss the people I worked with.  It was almost saddening that I won’t see them everyday.  While I disagreed with a lot of the practices and processes of the workplace there, I still enjoyed most of the time spend in the company of my coworkers.  I will miss some of the quirks exhibited by some of the characters at the office.

Oh, also Mark made me a “Good Luck” sign and also a parking sign.  It is funny because the day before I had said something about wanting my own parking spot like the expecting mothers do.  And well, I pulled into the garage that morning, totally parking in the wrong spot.  Then noticing it on my “fresh air” break.  Sara actually ended up moving it over one spot.  Upon leaving, I didn’t take the reserved parking sign because I wanted to see how long no one would park in the spot for, or even how long the sign would stay up.

Thanks everyone at ManTech for giving me the opportunity.  I honestly wish you all the best.  If you are ever in Richmond, get in touch.


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