Spring is in the air…

and that means a bunch of new things.  First things first, the job is going great.  I got placed on a project and it is moving along very well.  Secondly, Eddie and my younger brother will be living with me in Richmond.  Closer to work, closer to school for my brother and more to do.  And helping Eddie out because he was looking for a different place to stay in Richmond.  In fact, I actually just signed the lease for the house today. 

I’m very excited to move in, get some more furniture and electronics, plant a flower bed and garden in the back yard, and start setting up stuff.  It will be a lot different living in a house of “my own” rather than an apartment.  I think it will be great living with people again rather than alone, like I was in WV.  I must also note that the weather outside is absolutely wonderful.  I love it! 

Faith went back to PA yesterday, it was pretty sad.  But, I am sure I will see her again soon, so no big worries.  However, she will be going to study abroad in Ghana in the Fall, so that will suck, but I’m happy for her.  She also did great this semester at R-MC.  I love you, Faith.  🙂

But, I think I am going to go to the driving range and enjoy this weather.  Adios!


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