Work is going well.  My team is great at this project.  The work is pretty interesting.  We sometimes escape to the driving range during lunch to hit a quick bucket.  We’re also going to play 9 holes every other week after work.  So, I’m getting back on the course.  I miss playing golf out in WV.  It was nice going out to the course with Aaron whenever.  Aaron, we’ve got to hit the links sometime again!

So my girlfriend is so far away, for 4 months.  She is studying abroad in Ghana.  I miss her a lot and wish her the best.  It sucks not talking to her everyday and getting texts from her.  But, she’ll be back soon and everything will be okay.

Playing paintball again.  Possibly talks of a new team emering from RIchmond.  I mean, a real team.  We’ll see.  This has been thought of before.  If it goes down like the talks make it sound, we would be pretty amazing.

Looking to buy a new car, possibly.  A brand new car would be great, but do I really want to drop the coin?  I have the Z, which is a fun car.  But hardly practical.  I could buy another DD car and use that while I build & boost the Z.  But, I’m not sure I want to drop 10-15k on my Z.  The 335i is really appealing to me and of course, I would love a Porsche 911 (993, 996 or 997) Turbo.  But, that is about 15k out of my price range.  I might be able to stretch it, but I could possibly end up “car broke” after insurance.  Also, I’d like to buy a house next year, around May or June.  So, maybe keeping the Z as a fun car and picking up a cheap/reliable DD would be my best bet.  Too bad 4 door, 96+ Civic EXs seem too be less common than I thought.

I am also very interested in learning how to play guitar.  I think it would be an interesting thing to take on.  We’ll see if I actually follow through with it. I love music and I’d love to learn something new and just relax and play some songs.

I am about to do some reading up on search engine optimization (SEO) which is apparently a big deal and there are many SEO firms out there, charging an absolute fortune.  Of course, I’m sure they dedicate way more resources and are probably much more throrough and tackling larger projects, but I don’t see how it can be that difficult.  I guess I will see for myself!


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