So, my wrist has been sore for a little while now.  I had the same pain in my wrist over a year ago and the doctor kind of shrugged it off.  He just told me to take it easy, take an insane amount of ibuprofen everyday for 3 weeks, and come back if it doesn’t get better.  Well, I guess it “got better,” because it stopped hurting.  I also had to stop lifting for those 3 weeks pretty much.  But recently, the pain has returned and it is worse than ever.

I played golf today and played absolutely horrible.  The beginning of every backswing started with a wince of pain due to my wrist.  I was literally unable to use my driver after about 8 holes due to the length/weight of the club.  I probably shouldn’t have played today, but I had planned to play this weekend with Jeff, one of the guys from work, for about a week now.  We have been going during lunch this week as well, but I will probably not go this week, so my wrist can get better.

But you know what sucks?  I just bought the new Titlelist AP2 irons.  I had ran into Tripp and Bretton at First Tee on Friday after work.  I had been hitting the Cobras really badly which was very odd since I played remarkably on Monday (or was it Tuesday) afternoon after work with Jeff and Waldemar.  But, Bretton recommended that I hit this 6-iron that Tripp had in his bad.  The first shot was beautiful.  My normal draw, but it felt effortless.  When asked to explain it, all I could say was, “perfect.”  That night, I thought of nothing but the club, even while hanging out at Bretton’s.

My Cobras are old, as well as my woods, I believe that it is time to move on and these should be the perfect set.  Also, I think it is time to eventually get new woods.  I will probably just get a new driver and 3 wood.  But I will have to hit the Titlelist driver that Tripp has as well.  I hit the Ping G2 and it was pretty nice.  So, we’ll see.

Time for me to grab a shower and get to bed.  Adios!


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