Titleist AP2 Irons…

Simply put, they are nothing short of amazing.  I went out today and hit a large bucket with the new irons.  Every shot, except for one or two (which were just horrid swings) were crisp and precise.  Perfect, slight, high, right to left ball flight.  The club felt soft and very pure through the ball, with little resistance going through the grass.  I absolutely love them.

Next, to complete my bag will be a driver and a set of wedges.  I am pretty set on the wedges, I hear nothing but good things about the Cleveland CG14 Black Pearl wedges, so I will probably snag a set of those.  But the driver decision is a little more tough.  I need a clubface that is square or very slightly open at address.  i have heard great things about the Taylor Made Burner, the Ping G10, and the Titleist D1 drivers.  I will probably be stopping by Golf Galaxy tomorrow to check them out.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get 18 holes in somewhere before going to my friend’s birthday party back home.  I just hope that the weather stays decent.  It would be nice to get some sunshine to dry the course up just a tad.  But not too much; I want the greens to be somewhat soft still, unlike the last few times I have played where the greens were like hitting onto a marble floor.

Time for bed!


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