So, I haven’t golfed much lately.  I went out to The Hollows with Quinn, Will and some others the day after a wine party at Quinn’s and golfed some.  I did fairly well, shooting an 85.  I could have done better if my putting was on.  But of course, that killed me.  I still have a huge gap in my bag between my PW and my 55* wedge.  I’ll probably be picking up some Black Pearl CG14s soon to fix that problem.  I also got a coupon for a Callaway wood of my choice at a discounted price.  So, I will probably hit up Golf Galaxy sometime to check out their selection and hit them.

But, the reason I haven’t golfed much lately is due to a wrist injury that has come back.  I went to the orthopedic surgeon here and he diagnosed it as severe tendinitis.  He recommended that I take it easy for 6 to 12 weeks, ice it, and wear a brace.  So, I have been following his recommendations.  No lifting, no golfing, wearing a brace, and icing it whenever possible.  But, on October 4th, I might try to golf with Quinn and some others.  Hopefully, 18 holes won’t be too much for it.

Well, I’ve been extremely worn out from work and going to bed really early this week.  Today will be no exception; going to bed before 10 for another night.  Good night everyone!

I love you, Faith!


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