it sure has been a while…

Hello again everyone.  There have been a couple changes in life since my last post.

I am now single.  Yea…I know.  Actually, I don’t know.  But hey, life goes on right?  Faith is still in Ghana and I guess we will see how that goes when she comes back.  I’m quite positive that there is nothing there and that there will never be again.  I gave it my best run but I guess I don’t have that kind of luck.  It doesn’t seem to work out the best for me but we can only keep moving forward and hoping for the best.

So, since the break up I got pretty sick and lost all desire to go to the gym and actually eat right.  What happens as a result of that?  I have gained 18lbs.  Yea, I know.  I’ll get my desire back and end up in the gym again, harder than before.  So, I am not too concerned.   I guess being single leaves me with more time to focus on work and myself.  Which, isn’t such a bad thing.  But I do miss having time to spend with someone like…going out to eat, movies, cooking for someone, etc.  I have been spending a lot more time with my friends which is always good.

My wrist feels better but the last time I golfed was absolutely horrible.  But, that isn’t a huge deal.   Once it gets warm aagin, I’ll get my swing back.  I’ve also decided that I will try this whole paintball deal one more time.  Ya know, just like I always say.  I miss traveling, the friends, the venues, the rush.  So, we’ll see how that goes.

Well, I am going to get out of the house…maybe do some laundry.  Going to hang out with my friend Kaycee tonight.  Just friends, so don’t get excited everyone.  Haha.



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