car shopping

Why is it so difficult?  I mean, there are so many things to look for.  Price, practicality, luxury, mileage, fun factor, etc.  While I’d like to get a good deal, price is kinda out the window.  I’d like to get a nice enough car to where I’ll be happy with paying on it.  Practicality is an absolute must.  Penny hates the Z and doesn’t want to ride in it.  So, I have to have a back seat and four doors just makes it much easier.  Also, a trunk big enough to easily place my golf bag in is also great.  Luxury…well this is a tough one.  It must be nice enough so I don’t regret paying 600-800 a month on it.  But also not so nice that I’ll hate taking it to the gym and to the paintball fields.  But hey, I can keep it clean, that isn’t too much of an issue.  Gas mileage isn’t a big deal…since I’m very close to my current client and gas is reasonable again.  Fun factor…this is the hard one.  I mean, who wants to drive another dud car?  My Z is fun…not blazing fast, but fun.  I love tossing it around and going through the gears hearing it scream.

So, with that said…the following cars are in contention:

  1. 335i
  2. S4/RS 4
  3. 4 Runner
  4. Jetta/A4
  5. Civic

And that is the list…in order.  Yes, the last three are nothing exciting but if it isn’t going to be one of the top two then well…they are purely for practicality sake.


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