Going to NYC!

So, my friend Amy and I have been talking about doing Fatty Fest #2 for a while now but we couldn’t decide on a date.  It was gonna be the second weekend in Feb but that is Valentine’s Day weekend and she wasn’t having that.  Haha.  So, the following weekend will have to do.  But another deciding factor for setting this in stone was Will Ferrell’s new Broadway show called “You’re Welcome America:  A Final Night with George W Bush.”  It is running until March 15th or something like that and most of the 8pm shows have been sold out and many of the others have horrible seating.  So, on the 22nd at the 2pm showing, Amy and I will be seeing the show.

During this weekend we will also be feasting on some awesome food, sightseeing and shopping.  I want to buy a Burberry wallet and another Polo from the actual store.  There is a wool coat I want but I think I will get that from the outlet since it is about 1200 dollars and every bit of a discount helps.  Oh, there is a pretty sweet hoodie from Burberry that I might try and snatch up there too.  But, this means all unneccessary spending is about to be curbed.

Time to go wash the car.  Mike is having his pre-bday bash this weekend at his house and Faith is coming along.  We are going to church in the morning.  Both of us want to get back into going to church and well it is always easier to stay on top of things when someone else motivates you to do it, ya know?


-(Which means “peace” for those of you who don’t know…like Julie.)


One thought on “Going to NYC!

  1. “i’m going to nyc and staying in an amazing hotel and watching an amazing braodway show and going to do some amazing shopping!” jerk.

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