catching up…

So yea.  Let’s see.  The Bimmer has a huge crack in the windshield.  This makes the little bit of snowfall we got bittersweet.  Oh well.

Work has been pretty crazy.  Some last minute changes to business requirements that were signed off on like…4 months ago.  Along with these logic changes, changes to the actual Crystal Report I’ve been developing have been coming in as well.  But, I finished the initial part of the code changes today and have until next Tuesday to get them tested.  So, as long as I stay on top of things, I’ll be fine.

Been back in the gym prett hard again.  Lifting is going well.  My chest is getting back to normal strength, same with shoulders and legs.  Back, biceps and triceps need more work though.  With time I suppose.

Andy told me about a USPL event in DC in May.  The USPL is the new league made by the Pro teams of the NPPL.    Anywho, Andy is looking to play in it.  I’m pretty stoked and hopefully going to the field on Sunday to see if I can still throw down.  Haha.

Oh yea, so did anyone else get let down on Sunday?  I did.  I mean seriously…45 seconds left and you just give it up.  😦  Oh well.  I was with great company and that means more than the game to me.  I mean, I really didn’t care about the Cardinals…I just don’t like the Steelers.


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