I’m here!

Helloooo Big Apple.  So, after our flight being delayed and then having to sit on the runway for another hour, I finally made it to NYC.  I had the craziest, but also the most awesome, shuttle driver ever.  If you need a shuttle from LaGuardia to your hotel or anywhere in Manhattan ask for AirLink shuttle and David, as the driver.  He told me lots about NYC, got me and everyone else home fast and, even though he was sarcastic and might come off as rough to some of the other riders, he was nice.  Very cool dude…so, thanks David for that intro to NYC.

My room here at the Marriott Marquis is awesome.  The TV might be larger than my 42″ flat screen at home.  This is making me want to move my 42″ into my bedroom and get a 56″ for the living room.  Haha.  The view is pretty awesome.  I am on the 44th floor and can see the corner shaped building of time square with all of those screens on it.  I have a couch and a king sized bed.  The clock radio in the room has an iPod docking station!  This shows you the market dominance Apple has on MP3 players and makes me wish I had one even more.  The bed is so soft and even the shower head is bad ass.  It has a perfect spread of water and it doesn’t come out too hard or too soft.  Just perfect.

Amy is on her way into the city now.  Then we will go out into to the city to shop, eat and sight see.  I’m stoked, are you?


One thought on “I’m here!

  1. hey man glad to see you made it up there finally. be sure to go and see the national debt sign…crazy lol. well def come back with some stories and tons of pics man. take it easy


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