FSF Day 2

So, it is time for a recap of today.  This morning we went to dim sum at Jing Fong Restaurant.  It was incredible.  Imagine 700 people in a humongous room with tables of 10.  There was such a huge selection of foods.  I had cococnut custard/jello which was very refreshing and cleansed the pallette very well.  They had these flash fried spare/short pork ribs that were amazing.  I loved it.  You have to go to Jing Fong if you go to NYC.

Also, we went shopping everywhere.  We went to the humongous Macy’s that takes up a whole block.  We also went to the flagship Burberry store and Coach.  I got a pretty bad ass wallet and some other shirts at Burberry.  Unfortunately, the shops on Madison (Polo’s flagship store) think they are so awesome that they don’t have to open on Sundays.  Oh well, next time I suppose.  We went to Junior’s by my hotel to get cheesecake.  Up until now, the best cheesecake I have had is from Cheesecake Factory.  This definitely takes the cake…no pun intended.  You have to try it.  They have tons of flavors.  We would have gone to the big, main restaurant but we didn’t have enough time.

I had an awesome shuttle driver back here to La Guardia named Nelly (or Nellie) who is from Columbia.  We had some nice conversation and she was much more calm than David.  But, she still got me to LGA in great time.  All in all, I have had a great time here in New York.  Everyone has to come up here and experieence this at least once in their life.  For me, I will be coming up here every year at least.  Hopefully, I will end up living here, one day…for at least 6 months…maybe a year.

Well, the bar here is closing down soon.  My bartender Nikita was awesome.  So, I am going to another bar.  Adios, friends!


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