back to reality

So I am back to the real world after my getaway in NYC last weekend.  Work has been absolutely crazy.  But hey, I doubt I could have it any other way.

I decided that for Lent I will give up alcohol.  So, I sent out a mass text to see if anyone would join me for one last hoorah at taking on the town for the next 46 days.  Ellen text messaged me back and we went at it.  Starting at Sticky Rice and ending at Racine with a couple spots in the middle, we killed a good amount of drinks.  With that being said, the drinks killed us also.

I had my second guitar lesson on Wednesday and I was dead tired for it.  It was hard for me to focus my eyes on the strings and even remember the first four basic chords I learned.  But my instructor Joe is cool and we kept on going.  At the end of the lesson we talked about his musical experience, paintball, traveling (LA and NYC).  He also let me see his guitar which led me to ask if an electric would be easier to play.  He said yes and well, that started my search for a new guitar.  Thanks for letting me borrow your guitar, but I figured I might as well get my own.

I went to Guitar Center today on W Broad and looked around before finally being approached by someone after a good 10 or 15 minutes.  After discussing the music I like and my budget, we ended up deciding that a telecaster would be my best bet.  So, I ended up going with a new Fender Tele.  It feels much better than the acoustic and it’s much easier to play.  The action is much lower and the strings seem like they have much less tension.

Well, I promise to get my NYC pics up here soon.  Probably tomorrow along with pictures of the guitar and the car.  I am getting ready now for my first weekend of Lent.  This should be interesting.  Not that I can’t have fun not drinking, but I think I might feel a bit out of place not drinking, ya know?  Oh well, we will see.  Talk to you cats soon.  Holler.


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