recovering from the weekend

Scrimmage against Baltimore Inflict
Scrimmage against Baltimore Inflict

No, I didn’t drink. I played paintball. The practice this past Sunday was rough…very rough! We played four, race-to-four matches. Basically, we got worked into the ground all 4 matches we played. We only scored 2 or 3 points all day. Our pit was super disorganized though Phil did save us many times and we wouldn’t have been able to keep 5 out there every point without him.

The first match was horrible. We got stuck in our back bunkers and didn’t really get to walk the field. Second match, I coached and we started getting more aggressive. I set us up to make quicker, more aggressive moves down the snake side. We just needed to match that aggressiveness on the dorito side. Third match I played a couple points and it went pretty much like the second. Justin was done after this match and Derek sat this match. Both of them had back issues. Hopefully they get better by next practice. By the fourth match, we were all exhausted. It didn’t go any worse, but we should have ended it after four points. We ended up playing until we ran out of paint. The last couple of points were basically just a beating. I played every one of the last points and played my heart out but I won’t like…it was rough.

I got a couple good stabs in and was moving pretty well. As long as I keep on the workout plan and eating well I should be in awesome shape by MAO and the DC USPL. I’m pretty stoked. It feels great to be on the field. Also, Ramon’s DM8 that I will be using this year shot great. Thanks, big guy!

Time to watch American Idol and then go to Best Buy. I paid off my Best Buy card and now I’m going to get an iPod Classic so I can have my own iPod instead of borrowing my brother’s Touch all the time.


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