gym/fitness update

So I’ve been slacking on my gym consistency for the last 2-3 weeks. I’ve only been a few times due to stress/fatigue after work and my sore ankle. However, due to a strict diet I’m holding at 230-235. My short term goal (by July) is 215 and my end of the year goal is 200. I went to the gym expecting to get a full workout in but was unable to since they close at 10 on Fridays. So, I did chest (flat bench), biceps (alternating, standing curls and 21s), shoulders (shoulder presses) and forearms (forearm curls). My chest did get a bit weaker…no biggie since I typically seem to bounce back there quickly. Surprisingly though, my arms were stronger. I was curling what I used to curl very easily and ended up curling more than I typically do. Tomorrow I’ll do cardio so I’m not dead for drills on Sunday.


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