Richmond Riot 2009

We decided not to play X Ball for whatever reason. I think because we couldn’t field a solid X Ball squad. So, we decided to tackle the USPL. We have a solid group of guys if we can get them to make all the events and practices. We were going to start in D3 and work our way up much like the original Riot did but it looks like Daniel, myself and Derek are all D2. So, we have to work on that. I’m surprised my classification hasn’t dropped yet.

The DM8 that I was going to swing this year won’t cut it for 7 man. I was shooting 4-5 pods and a loader on about 3800 psi. This won’t suffice for 7 man in a real game. Looks like I will be trying to pick up an Ego 7/8 this before the DC USPL. Maybe even before this weekend.

My Vice will be going to Blast and my DM8 will be going up for sale/trade.


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