first weekend at the new place

So, the first weekend in the new place is coming to a close. Dennis and I had lunch at Red Robin today. I felt kinda crappy after eating that stuff but it was good to hang out with Dennis. I went shopping for a raincoat but also bought some shoes as well. I got a North Face Venture in black. It has ZIP PITS! Haha. Oh and these are the shoes I bought.

New Shoes!

I just finished up the last batch of laundry for the night. I still have another load to do plus a comforter (which is a load in itself). Penny and I found a laundromat at Cleveland and Kensington with larger washers too, btw. I think it is time to get some sleep.

I’m getting up early to do chest and cardio at the gym before work. Hopefully I’ll still make it to the office at 7. I have to leave a bit early tomorrow so I can meet the Comcast guy at the apartment. All in all, I think this has been a good weekend. Time for me to hit the sack.



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