sorry it’s been so long!

But I have been terribly busy lately. We just moved into our new apartment and I’m loving it so far. Penny gets to go on more walks. Marley still hasn’t pooped since he has been here apparently. Uhm, let’s see. Practice was canceled today because of the crappy weather. So, Justice is trying to reschedule. The DC USPL was postponed until August. We might try and make the end of May GPL event. I might be buying a road bike tonight if this girl hasn’t sold it yet. Uhm, so yea.

I’m currently using someone else’s internet. The Comcast guy will be here tomorrow. We will be turning off the power at the other house on Monday and transferring the power at the new place into our name soon. Man…the top of my dresser is just covered in various supplements. Craziness.

Ok. Time to put some stuff away and meet Dennis at Short Pump. I need a rain coat since Penny will need to pee/poop regardless of the weather so that means I will be walking her either way.

andimoff. kbye.


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