new monitor and camera

So, I picked up a Canon Rebel XSi and a 23″ ASUS LCD monitor. I bought the XSi from BestBuy and the monitor from I went to Best Buy specifically asking for the XSi and somehow the guy sold me the XS? I ended up going back to exchange the XS for the XSi. However, the location I got the XS from didn’t have the XSi in stock (which is not what their site said) so I had to actually drive 15 minutes to another location to exchange it. They were really friendly about it, except the person who sold me the wrong camera never actually came to apologize.

I am currently using the ASUS monitor and I am pretty impressed. I wasn’t expecting much for a 220 dollar 23″ LCD, but it seems pretty good. I mean, it does what I need it to. The colors are super bright and this thing is HUGE! It will definitely make watching Hulu easier. 🙂

On that note, time to Hulu some Arrested Development and fall asleep. Gym in the AM.



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