DC USPL, Day 1 Recap

So day 1 of the event is over. We had four games of our total eight games today. We came out pretty strong against our first team, LA Monstars (who are 4-0 right now, I think) but couldn’t close the 3 vs 2 and ended up losing like chumps. We turned it around and took the next two games, winning convincingly. Our final game against Infamy (who is a very strong team we have practiced against the past two weekends) went ugly as we lost player on the break out and then received a 1 for 1 penalty for a loader hit.

Since there are only nine teams in Division 2 this event they will only be taking the top eight. I think everyone played solidly today but we can all do better. Tomorrow will be a new day and we will step it up. Sunday, here we come! Thanks for the support everyone who commented, IMed, Facebooked, called and texted me.


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