World Cup bound

So, I’m en route to Orlando from Charlotte. If I had to guess I’m over northern Florida somewhere. Actually the captain just announced we will be landing in 20 minutes.

For the first time ever, I had to de-board a plane. I mean, I’ve flown quite a bit and I’ve never had it happen but I guess it was bound to happen. There was some issue with the plane and they eventually said no-go to taking off once we were already taxi-ing to the runway. It gave me time to enjoy a few drinks at the bar.

I was lucky enough to get upgrades on both my segments down today. Unfortunately, it seems like I’ll be losing my Platinum status at the end of the year so I’m trying to reap all the benefits of it as soon as possible!

I’m excited for the opportunity of playing World Cup with these guys. It truly is a great group of guys. Our first match is bright and early tomorrow morning with the next one following not too long after. Hopefully we can get off to a strong start.

This will be my first World Cup since October of ’06. It feels good to be back into playing a lot more frequently. I’m going to make a nice run at it all again. We shall see how it goes. My shoulder injuries really suck so hopefully they can heal in the off-season. Also, if I can drop some more lbs and get my conditioning and speed right, that’d be awesome. As for who I’ll play for next year, we’ll see.

Talk to you guys again from sunny Florida!


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