So, it has been forever since I have written in here.  I have been super busy with work and life in general. 


I’m closing on a house shortly and that has taken most of my time and effort (and also, my money!).  I’m pretty excited about this as it is a huge step forward in life; my biggest financial decision to date for sure.  It is a gorgeous house in Glen Allen, VA just around the corner from my current client, close to shopping, great school district and a great neighborhood.


So, my ankle is healing much better now that I decided to stop playing paintball until it gets better.  A few months ago I started hitting the gym again, then I was able to do deadlifts and squats.  I started incorporating calf-work that includes ankle movement.  This mobilization of the joint in a slow fashion while emphasizing progressive strengthening of the joint and connective tissues is what I feel has helped me the most.  I am now back to being able to train at higher intensity and include plyometrics and speed/agility training once a week again.  I am hoping to be able to play and run in cleats again by the DC NPPL 7 Man event and the third PSP event of the year which is rumored to be held in New Jersey.  Missing Chicago pains me, but it is for the best.  I’m also closing on my house that week.  Good luck to all my friends playing in Chicago especially Richmond United, Nasty, Assault, and Revolution.


So, I am doing the Paleolithic diet with my girlfriend and some friends.  I thought it was going to be horrible.  However, after lots of research I have found plenty of recipes and food substitutes for most of my favorite recipes.  I’m excited to give it a shot.  So far I have been doing the diet for one week and have already lost 12 pounds.  Of course, since it is a high protein, low-carb diet the initial weight loss is expected to be pretty large and I know this is water weight.  But my previous success with low-carb diets leads me to believe that this will be a worthwhile endeavor.  I’m planning to be pretty strict on this for 30 days and then see where it goes from there.  I might add brown rice and sweet potatoes to the diet after this initial month long period. 

Hopefully through my workouts and this diet I can lean back out to where I once was, if not even more so. 


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