Giving something new a shot!

So, I’m gonna try some video blogging.  Right now I’ve just recorded some blurbs on my Blackberry.  I’ll be doing this for most of my practices, events, etc to keep the followers posted on what is going on.  I’m also doing this so I have something to look back on and remember different points.  If there is one thing I do regret it is not photographing enough.  So, once I pick up a nifty fifty and a nice camera bag, the camera will be going with me as well.  I also thought about picking up one of those small HD video cameras too – we shall see.  Here is the first of the three video blog posts I have. The other two are uploading right now. 

First practice with Nasty:

Just talking before the first practice with one of the two teams I made. Basically, what is going through my head.