Supplements (what I use)

I get lots of questions from friends about the supplements I use.  So, here is a list:

Supplements mean nothing without the proper nutrition and training.  To help me meet my protein requirements, I use MuscleEgg’s Chocolate Liquid Egg Whites.  They taste delicious and each cup is roughly 27g of protein.


Bodybuilding update…

So, as many of you know, I was planning on doing the Eastern USA show in New York on November 3rd of this year.  However, due to my progress as far as being able to build up my back and my recent injury to my lumbar, I am switching this up.  I’d love to put on more size in my upper back and triceps before I get to 12-16 weeks out.  I don’t want to sacrifice size for conditioning or the opposite.  I’m training to be my best, not just to step out on stage to say I did it.

So, the new plan is to the Max Muscle NPC show in Woodbridge which is typically at the end of April every year.  This will allow me to keep bulking until the end of the year, gradually dropping some fat along the way.  Then I can start cutting on 1-1-13 and be ready for the show.

New PR

Stiff/Semi Stiff Legged Deadlift 255 x 6. I have only been doing these for three workouts now. This is a killer lower back exercise. I also did 125 x 6 on wide grip barbell curls. The workout was cut short because we went out to sushi for Sean’s last day on our project. Unfortunately he is leaving the company. Best wishes, Sean!


So yesterday was a decent chest day.

Incline: 235 x 6 unassisted
Flat: 225 x 8 unassisted
Decline: 255 x 6 unassisted
Pec Deck: 210 x 6

Still a ways to go until my goal of 315 unassisted on all three benches. Hopefully I get there by the end of the year.