new guitar, new song

I picked up a used Carvin DC-150 from Craigslist for an awesome price. It’s pretty sweet. It has a nice flat neck with lower action than my Tele. The humbuckers give more of a crunch than my Tele does too. Joe and I started on a new song today. Hopefully you guys are familiar with Brand New. Well, the song is Me vs Maradona vs Elvis. Here is a youtube video of it. I think I’ll try something by The Black Keys next.


gives you hell

So, I had another guitar lesson today. I didn’t have one last week because Joe had a gig in Charlottesville. Today’s lesson went well. I thought it wouldn’t go so well but I think I’m doing better than I thought. But we worked on another chord progression…the intro “Gives You Hell” by the All American Rejects. I am doing pretty well with it so far…at least I think so. Also, he showed me the chord progression from “Crazy Train.” Anywho, back to practicing guitar. Then sleep because I have a long day tomorrow!


RIC airport

So, I am sitting here in the RIC airport waiting for my flight to La Guardia. I’m pretty stoked about the trip. I’m excited for great food, fun shopping and being in the “Big Apple.” I’m also excited to see Amy again. This is known as FSF, Fatty Shopping Fest. We did a Fatty Fest last year in Philly and it was tons of fun.  Burberry, Polo, pastrami, dim sum and canolis are on the agenda so far.  Maybe even the SoHo outlets.   I will be sure to take plenty of pictures.

Also, this past Wednesday, I had my first guitar lesson.  I think it went pretty well, but one of the chords was tough.  I’ll get it down though.  I think the hardest part will be memorizing all the chords.  The instructor, Joe, is a pretty cool dude.  He is definitely legit.  I think I will end up driving my roommates insane though.

So, the guy just came on the speaker and said the p[lane is about 10 minutes out.  We were supposed to leave at 720 and it is currently 706.  How long does it take to ready a plan for its trip out?  Hmm.  Well, I’d rather them take their trime and have it truly be ready than rush it and not be.  Ha.  Anywho, I think I am going to pack things up.