So I couldn’t sleep last night even though I was super tired. I actually watched most of SNL which is a first. I am usually either asleep or out when it comes on. Last night I actually read most of the first chapter of JSF in Action. I plan on finishing up the first chapter tonight. I would read more but it is Easter and after the church service this morning, Eddie and I are going down to my parent’s place. But anywho…I finally did something I have been meaning to do for quite some time…

I finally listed my SFR turbo kit for sale on It has been sitting under my kitchen table since I purchased it. Since posting it online at roughly 1 am this morning, I already got interest from 5 different people! Hopefully it sells because it would be nice to have that extra cash with all the upcoming expenses.


chill weekend

So, this weekend will be pretty laid back. I think I’m staying in for the most part. I’m trying to save money since I have a bunch of expenses coming up. This is also my last weekend where I cannot drink because of my Lenten promise. This doesn’t; necessarily mean I will drink nearly like I did before. I actually have come to enjoy not drinking so I might cut back and keep it just for special occasions I mean…I have saved quite a bit of money and lost a good deal of weight.

Speaking of which…I went ot the gym this morning and weighed in this morning at 228. That means I have dropped 40 lbs since the end of December. I’m really stoked. I had a really tasty breakfast of turkey sausage and scrambled egg whites. So, it has been a great start to the day. Michelle and her friend are coming to drop off her dog Sam. I’m dog sitting while they go to the BARK dog shelter.

I’m downloading JSF in Action now so I can get to work on my JSF front-end for my Java learning project. No rush though, I found out that I will be at my current client until the end of June. Well, time to watch the masters and relax.