OACC this past Sunday

Richmond Riot took the trip up to OACC (Outdoor Adventures Chesapeake City) in Chesapeake City, Maryland. We played Arsenal Evolution, Arsenal Predators and some other teams. We ended up winning one, one ties and losing three. We had some silly errors and some bad calls which should have had us winning two or even three. We did very well against Evolution and we actually ended up losing to some other lower end team. But hopefully we can work on our coordination of movement down the field and closing and get things down.

Derek and I actually had a great cross one game and brought down a 6 on 2 to end in a tie. Also, the Ego8 I got from Adam shot great. Thanks, man!

Time to go practice guitar then read before bed. Then I have to be up early to go to the gym.



beautiful day

So, it is absolutely gorgeous outside and I haven’t really been able to enjoy it much. Well, I did get to wear shorts and flip flops (of course). I went down to the south side with my brother so Dennis could work on his truck. It needed a new front AF sensor and needs a new “body ecu.” We also replaced the kidneys on the 335 with some all black ones. Now I am doing some laundry, practicing guitar then heading down to Andy’s house. We have a big practice in Chesapeake City, Maryland with the Arsenal teams and some other teams from up that way. It’s supposed to be 90+ degrees again tomorrow which might suck…hard.

My new whip also came in. Maybe there will be some pictures of me using it tomorrow. Wish us luck! Enjoy the weather, everyone.


Congrats to the Beckers!

Tom and Megan, I wish you two the best. I hope you are having fun in Mexico. Their wedding was beautiful. The location was great; what a wonderful view. The weather was great and it was great seeing Tom and Megan so happy together. The reception was fun and I got to see some people I haven’t seen in quite some time.

I actually had my first beers since the end of Lent on Friday and then a few more at the reception. But, it wasn’t anything crazy. I might have a few drinks this week, but I think this will be the last week for me. I’m looking to drop another 20 lbs before the end of May. Hopefully by the end of the summer I will have dropped to sub 200 and can start to lift heavy again and try to put on some more size/strength.

On that note, off to the gym I go! pc

Dive into the snake at Taneytown vs Baltimore Inflict (AXBL)
Dive into the snake at Taneytown vs Baltimore Inflict (AXBL)

recovering from the weekend

Scrimmage against Baltimore Inflict
Scrimmage against Baltimore Inflict

No, I didn’t drink. I played paintball. The practice this past Sunday was rough…very rough! We played four, race-to-four matches. Basically, we got worked into the ground all 4 matches we played. We only scored 2 or 3 points all day. Our pit was super disorganized though Phil did save us many times and we wouldn’t have been able to keep 5 out there every point without him.

The first match was horrible. We got stuck in our back bunkers and didn’t really get to walk the field. Second match, I coached and we started getting more aggressive. I set us up to make quicker, more aggressive moves down the snake side. We just needed to match that aggressiveness on the dorito side. Third match I played a couple points and it went pretty much like the second. Justin was done after this match and Derek sat this match. Both of them had back issues. Hopefully they get better by next practice. By the fourth match, we were all exhausted. It didn’t go any worse, but we should have ended it after four points. We ended up playing until we ran out of paint. The last couple of points were basically just a beating. I played every one of the last points and played my heart out but I won’t like…it was rough.

I got a couple good stabs in and was moving pretty well. As long as I keep on the workout plan and eating well I should be in awesome shape by MAO and the DC USPL. I’m pretty stoked. It feels great to be on the field. Also, Ramon’s DM8 that I will be using this year shot great. Thanks, big guy!

Time to watch American Idol and then go to Best Buy. I paid off my Best Buy card and now I’m going to get an iPod Classic so I can have my own iPod instead of borrowing my brother’s Touch all the time.

catching up…

So yea.  Let’s see.  The Bimmer has a huge crack in the windshield.  This makes the little bit of snowfall we got bittersweet.  Oh well.

Work has been pretty crazy.  Some last minute changes to business requirements that were signed off on like…4 months ago.  Along with these logic changes, changes to the actual Crystal Report I’ve been developing have been coming in as well.  But, I finished the initial part of the code changes today and have until next Tuesday to get them tested.  So, as long as I stay on top of things, I’ll be fine.

Been back in the gym prett hard again.  Lifting is going well.  My chest is getting back to normal strength, same with shoulders and legs.  Back, biceps and triceps need more work though.  With time I suppose.

Andy told me about a USPL event in DC in May.  The USPL is the new league made by the Pro teams of the NPPL.    Anywho, Andy is looking to play in it.  I’m pretty stoked and hopefully going to the field on Sunday to see if I can still throw down.  Haha.

Oh yea, so did anyone else get let down on Sunday?  I did.  I mean seriously…45 seconds left and you just give it up.  😦  Oh well.  I was with great company and that means more than the game to me.  I mean, I really didn’t care about the Cardinals…I just don’t like the Steelers.