first weekend at the new place

So, the first weekend in the new place is coming to a close. Dennis and I had lunch at Red Robin today. I felt kinda crappy after eating that stuff but it was good to hang out with Dennis. I went shopping for a raincoat but also bought some shoes as well. I got a North Face Venture in black. It has ZIP PITS! Haha. Oh and these are the shoes I bought.

New Shoes!

I just finished up the last batch of laundry for the night. I still have another load to do plus a comforter (which is a load in itself). Penny and I found a laundromat at Cleveland and Kensington with larger washers too, btw. I think it is time to get some sleep.

I’m getting up early to do chest and cardio at the gym before work. Hopefully I’ll still make it to the office at 7. I have to leave a bit early tomorrow so I can meet the Comcast guy at the apartment. All in all, I think this has been a good weekend. Time for me to hit the sack.



Day 1 of FSF

So, after tons of walking, many delicious treats consumed, several subway trips, an hour trek to the outlets and back and some damage done to my wallet, day one of Fatty Shopping Fest is done.  We started out with sponge cake from Kam Hang Coffee Shop and then baked dimsum pork buns from Chatham’s Square Restaurant.  I had never had the sponge cake type thing before and the baked pork buns were different from the steamed ones I had before.  Dare I say…better?  When we left we had pork dumplings from this dim sum place called Jo Shanghai…not your typical dumpling…these had soup broth in them!  They were delicious.  After leaving we stopped by this little place called Dry Beef King for wet and dry spicy beef jerky.  If you guys like jerky, this stuff is awesome.  He makes it himself in small batches.

Then, it was shopping time.  We went to the little Burberry shop and I picked up a yellow polo.  Then we went to a couple shops and looked around.  We ended up going to Rocco’s Pasty shop for cannolis.  While they were good, the cannolis from Terminis in Philly were better.  Then we went to the Woodbury Commons outlets and hit up the shops.  We looked around in a couple but I only bought stuff from Lacoste, Burberry and Polo.  The Sperry outlet only had kids stuff and no one else had any shoes that I liked.

Once we got back we went to Katz’s Deli.  Now, if you have never had a hot pastrami sandwich before, I must say, you are missing out.  This salty, juicy meaty sandwich is piled high and absolutely amazing.  They also had great sour pickles and tomatoes.  Everyone should try this if they go to NY.

We are going to Macy’s, Polo (on Madison, the BIG store), Burberry (their BIG store) tomorrow.  This is, of course, in addition to seeing Will Ferrell at Broadway in his show You’re Welcome America:  A Final Night with George W. Bush.  Also, if you ever need a hotel to stay at in Times Square…The Marriott Marquis is awesome.  I highly recommend it!

Good night, all.  Up early to hit up the awesome fitness center in the hotel and then another big day!