So, it is definitely the holiday season. Snow everywhere, decorations adorning the porches and lawns all around me and Happy Holidays seems to be the last words of every conversation. What really surprises me is how some people can still be such assholes at this time of the year. Would it kill you to cheer up just for a short period of time? Yesterday I saw some jerk wail on his horn at some lady who was turning into the post office parking lot slowly since there was ice everywhere. I mean seriously? Oh well…some people are just incredibly rude.

I’ve been working from home for the past two weeks and it is extremely boring. Lots of distractions around and no interaction with anyone. I’m finally done with all of my Christmas shopping and I’m ready to head down to the parents’ place and see the family and old friends again.

I didn’t ask for anything for Christmas. I’d rather just make sure everyone else has a good time. After Christmas though it looks like I’ll be buying a new dresser and nightstand from IKEA! Maybe down the road I’ll get a matching bed too. This winter was the first time I’ve really had to take the bimmer out in the snow and it did pretty well. Well, except for the night of the company party where Eddie, my roommate, had to help me push the car on three different occasions. As much as I love the car, I’m probably going to get rid of it soon. I’m liking the Jeep Commander. It is nice and roomy, 4×4 and relatively inexpensive. It’ll tow whatever I need it to including any project I take on.

Well, back to work I go. This was a very disorganized blog post; my apologies. Ciao!

watching the snow fall and thinking

So, I am on my couch watching Old School on TBS HD.  I’m all alone, cold, wearing my sweats and wrapped up in a blanket.  Today is the kind of day you spend with your special someone.  Unfortunately, I have no such person in my life.  Yes, I was seeing someone, who I totally realized I forgot to mention on here.  So, I guess I’ll give a quick recap.  We started dating right after Christmas.  We had a good first date and just went with it.  I never really told her what happened between Faith and I.  I guess the whole thing with Faith really kept me from opening up too much and kept me from moving too fast.  I mean, I’m not one to move really quickly in the first place, but I think it made me a little more apprehensive. But anyway, I had a great time spending time with her.  She was really nice, smart, laid-back…I couldn’t really ask for more, ya know?

So, just recently…actually right before my NY trip, I picked Anne up from work becuase her car was in the shop.  No big deal, I was more than happy to.  When I drop her off at her place, I walk her to the door and it semeed kinda weird.  Well, she said she couldn’t date someone she didn’t feel like she was going to marry.  I mean, totally understandable.  You date for a long term relationship, in hopes of it going somewhere, right?  She said it felt like we were just friends.   We enjoy the same music and have a good time together.  So, I guess what I’m wondering is, was it because there was no click?  Was it because it was moving too slowly?  Was she saying it was over?  Either way, I kinda had the “no click” feeling a while ago.  I mean, maybe it’s just because I’m kinda numb to that sort of feeling after the last relationship.  I’m not really sure.

So, with that said.  It didn’t really like crush me or anything.  Was I happy?  Eh, no.  Will I be okay?  Sure.  It sucks being alone again.  Dating is so lame.  It’s expensive (for the guys typically), can be hella awkward and well, honestly can be a big waste of time.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love making new friends and meeting people, but you don’t go on dates to just make friends.  Oh well, what do ya’ do?  Life goes on.

Time to watch the snow fall some more.