golf today…

Went to The Hollows today with Jeff and Waldemar.  I used the new Callaway FT-5 that I picked up and after the first few holes, I definitely got it right.  Over 7 300+ yard drives were hit today, and they were done with absolute precision by the second nine.  However, my putting killed me.  I 4-putted 4 holes and 3-putted 5 others.  So, that is an easy 12 strokes that could have been saved.  This is one of the ugliest scores I have ever had to record for myself.

But I’ll get the putting down this week.  I think I need to switch up putters and filling the wedge gap in my bag would be nice.  Apparently, my putting style best suits a toe-down putter vs a face balanced putter, which I have right now.  So, that might actually be the next purchase.  We shall see.  Time to ice my wrist and watch the second movie of the night.  I thought about going to the gym tonight but I think I should let the body rest tonight and continue my cardio routines tomorrow.

Good night everyone!


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