ever notice

How much better you feel when you get everything off your chest? I’ve had a lot of shit on my mind and just on my chest. It felt like the world was just crashing down on me. So I basically got to the point where I had to let it all out. I feel much better now. Still down and ‘bleh’ but relieved to have to let it out. Well, time to get ready for my flight out tomorrow. Need to pack my protein up and what not.

I got a sweet shaker cup from Vitamin Shoppe which is way better than any of the GNC ones I’ve had in the past. I’m stoked to get back to eating right after eating crap this past week down in Florida. Back to little to no drinking at all (probably the latter) and mainly salads (with tons of chicken/tuna of course), chicken and egg white omelets for my meals with protein shakes and bars throughout the day. Looking to keep the diet at ~2200 calories with 250g protein.

I did strain my right elbow somehow so I’ll be taking it kind of easy this week when I hit the weights. Add in more dumbbell exercises and more reps this week with lighter weight until my elbow feels better. However, tomorrow might just be a cardio day to give the ole elbow extra time to heal before putting any more stress on it.



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