all moved in!

i am in my new apartment here!  its not bad.  not huge, but more space than i really need.  its definitely not small.  i have a new bed, a kitchen table and chairs (which i will address more in-depth at a later time), a futon and some sweet little kitchen and bathroom odds and ends. 

so yea, these chairs that came with the dining set…two of the holes in the seat are miss-drilled so they don’t like up with the seat backs.  so, one day…i might actually want to drill holes in the seat so that i can put the other two bolts in there.  but for now, the other four bolts holding the seat to the seat back are just fine (i hope).

i am going for a beach theme in the bathroom.  i think it is coming along nicely.  i have a sweet beach themed shower curtain that my wonderful girlfriend picked out for me, a blue bath rug, a blue hand towel (bath towels are whatever since i have really nice ones but they arent all blue) and an amazing gel candle that has sand and little seashells in the bottom of it! 

i also have some lamps, but one needs 3 way bulbs since it just likes to shut off for some reason.  but i am going to go now.  time for another wal mart run.  i need to get a pot for my basil plant, maybe some more various herb seeds/plants, measure tape, a waste basket for the bathroom, small things.  oh, and maybe a fish tank!  i really wanna do saltwater, but it might be too expensive.  :o(

take it easy everyone!  keep checking in.  once i get my usb cable for my digital camera (i think i left it back in va), i will post pictures!


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