work and stress

So, I have been hella stressed at work lately due to some last minute updates to all of the code I have written.  The deadlines are swiftly approaching and I’ve worked some longer days with little sleep (brought on by myself…the little sleep, that is).  But, then I was thinking about it and it actually came up when talking to my friend Ellen last night at Sticky Rice.  If I am not stressed out, I am bored at work.  I left WV and Mantech because I was so teribly bored.   I think I work best under pressure.

I was thinking about how my Mom is.  Her job stresses her out but I wonder what she would do if she didn’t have her store and have to work anymore.  Would she be happy?  I love what I do (even though this project isn’t the most fun).  I love it when I have stuff to do and I definitely work best under the pressure.  So, could I ever be stress free and happy at work?  I’m not really sure.  Maybe one day.  But as long as I am working in the IT sector, I think I will do best when there is some sort of pressure to perform.

On that note, I am going to bed.  I think my guitar is out of tune.  😦


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