Wow. So it has been quite some time since I have written in here. A lot has happened. I guess the last time I wrote in here Michelle and I had broken up and I was bummed out. I realized I still liked Faith and well that didn’t work. So, I went into the blah blah emo state again for a while, wondering if there was someone for me out there. I eventually got settled into being single. I realized that happiness shouldn’t depend on being with someone. Well, what do ya know, as soon as you get used to being single, someone comes your way. I’ve been seeing Kristin for a while now and things are going well. So, time will tell how it plays out but either way, I’m enjoying our time together. 🙂

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I did some pretty crazy Black Friday shopping in Williamsburg with none other than the infamous EBucher. I also picked up sweet suit for my company’s Christmas party. Speaking of which, Christmas and New Years are right around the corner!

I’ve been flying down to Florida every week for work for the past few months now. It has been pretty crazy and was actually able to work remotely from Virginia the week of Thanksgiving which was nice. But ever since that week I have been down here every week again. I will finally have a full week working remotely next week. It’ll be nice to be able to do stuff around the apartment, be with the dogs and just sleep in my own bed. Also, not having to get up at 3:00am on Monday morning to catch a flight at the crack of dawn is going to be amazing.

I’m flying back on Thursday which happens to be my birthday and everyone keeps asking me what I’m planning on doing. I’m not really sure yet. While I’d like to go out and grab a drink, I might be more in the mood to stay in an relax that night. Either way, hopefully I get to see a certain someone. 😉


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