WC2010 – Day 1

We played our first two matches this morning. We had Dave Williamson coaching us. I ended up playing doritos for the event and it seems to be going well.

The first match was against the NJ Jesters and we had a good match. It ended up going 3 to 3 and ending in a tie. Or so we thought after the call from the ref. After getting ready to play our next match we find out that we are going to be playing an OT point to decide a winner.

So, we played our second match against Bad Element and won 4-0. Not much to say here; we had our game together this match.

Then onto the OT point. We had one point with 30 minutes on the clock. I got shot from S2 on the wrist after I made my bump to D2. Trust me, I wasn’t happy. So, the team had to grind it out without me. Five minutes later, after Travis bunkered their dorito player and then he somehow goes onto hang the flag, we lose.

The whole NJJ match had some pretty questionable calls. Overall, I’m happy with how it went down today. We did lose some stupid points. We lost a 4 on 1 and a 2 on 1 due to a lack of on-field communication which should result in the coordination of a successful close. But we just need to play smart paintball tomorrow and we should be good to go.


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